Visual Writing Prompts

I try to post one of these per day.  Take a look at the photo, and write whatever comes to mind, whether short story, poem, flash fiction, or whatever you’re moved to create.  Then reblog it, and send me a message telling me which one you did.  I’ll post it here, and link to your page.


Visual Writing Prompt 22: The Forlorn Lighthouse. Standing stark and alone against a muted sky is an aging lighthouse.  Although ancient, it is still in use, but stories and mysteries have surrounded it for decades.  Tell a story about this lighthouse, or of the one who works within.

Visual Writing Prompt 21 The King’s Castle.  The sun glares down as you approach the gates of this ancient castle.  What brings you here? 

For those interested, this is a shot of the castle at Carcassone, France.  If you ever get the chance, visit. Especially if you are infatuated with castles…this one seems to have practically jumped out of an Arthurian tale.

Visual Writing Prompt 20 The Misty Island. Off the shore of your home is an island that has always been mysterious…too far away to casually visit, and it only occasionally reveals itself from within the thick sea mists.  What is there, and should you visit?  Perfect for flash fiction or poetry.

Visual Writing Prompt 19 Hope. An aircraft can barely be seen enshrouded within the merciless heat of the sun. The plane represents hope gained or hope lost…what does your story or poem say?

Visual Writing Prompt 18 Sunset and Reflection in the Mountains.  Many people take refuge in the wilderness for a variety of reasons; some for reflection, some for exploration, some to get away from humanity.  Write about what goes on here as the sun drops behind the mountains.

Visual Writing Prompt 17.  Angels and judgment.  This angel, depicted on a mural in the Louvre, helps to execute salvation and judgment.  Your writing can either center around the angel depicted, the scene depicted, or of events surrounding the actual painting.  This is perfect for poetry or flash fiction.

Visual Writing Prompt 16 The Unfinished Boat.  You come across this work in progress. Why is this boat incomplete?  Will it ever be finished?  If not, why did the builder leave it?  If so, why is it being built?

Visual Writing Prompt 15: A few minutes alone.  It’s not often that a couple gets a park this size all to themselves.   Why the seclusion?  Or what care they talking about, unrestrained by prying ears?

Visual Writing Prompt 14 Desert Evening. Sunset in the desert can be strikingly beautiful.  It can also be terrifying in its swiftness if you’re not ready for it, or you’re lost. Why are your characters in the middle of nowhere as the sun begins to set?

Visual Writing Prompt 13. Doorway to the unknown.  Why is this doorway here, in the middle of a mountain range with little known human presence?  Did your character discover it?  Or did he/she know about it from long ago?

Visual Writing Prompt 12: Escape.  Razor wire, guard towers, and desert are all you can see. For you, the question is: who (or what) is it keeping in?  Or who (what) is it keeping out?

Visual Writing Prompt 11: The Stone Saint.  Taken from behind an old church in southern Italy, this saint is telling us something.  We only need a writer to tell us what.

Visual Writing Prompt 10: Life in the Desolation. You have to travel quite a ways to find the source of a pure mountain stream.  What would drive your character(s) to such a place? And did they find what they were looking for?

Visual Writing Prompt #9: At first glance not much is going on inside this small, somewhat rustic church.  A man stands alone, and looks to be taking a picture.  Or is he holding his head?  What brings him, or your character, here?

Visual Writing Prompt 8 – New England Harbor.  The wealthy and the working class share this harbor.  All kinds of stories, from the sentimental to the macabre, sail in and out every day.  Capture one and share it here.

What Love Does by Apple Ardent Scott.

Visual Writing Prompt #7 – European Intrigue. Ancient German towns such as this one appear idyllic and serene.  Until a writer gets a hold of it, anyway. What’s going in this old city where the modern world is camped around a medieval castle?

#6 – Goddess in the Garden. In the center of this exotic garden stands the statue of an unknown woman.  Was she a queen?  A goddess?  Who is she, and why are your characters there?

FYI: The photo is actually of a statue of Princess Grace, in a garden in Monaco. This need not have anything to do with your writing.  Everything is nameless (unless you want to include Grace in your story, of course).

Visual Writing Prompt #5 – Commotion off the coast.  It takes a while to get to this more remote stretch of coastline. What brought you, or these people, to it?


 Visual Writing prompt #4. Into the icy wilderness. You’re either lost, or you’re looking for something. Where does this take you? 


Visual Writing Prompt #3 As gates go, this one looks pretty serious.  What’s behind such an ornate barrier? (It’s actually a gate to Buckingham Palace, but that need not come into your writing).


Visual writing prompt #2. Where does this cemetery lead you?  Tip: it doesn’t have to be about zombies or vampires. Short story? Flash fiction?



Visual Writing Prompt #1
Visual writing prompt 1: This dark and somber scene would make some interesting flash fiction.  Give it a shot.




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