Traditional Publishing Resources

The Query Letter:


This blog has attained a kind of mythic status. Basically, it’s kind of a free boot camp for the dreaded query letter.  You submit your letter, and if it’s selected you’ll see a potentially biting but constructive analysis posted on the blog.  This will be a valuable tool when it’s time to confront the much maligned query. 


I have to admit, I really like this tool.  It opens the door to apparently hundreds of agents who handle all writing genres.  The links I’ve followed from my searches through this site have usually been current and useful.

Professional editing:

There are of course multitudes of great, competent editors out there that are available to help the new writer get his or her manuscript up to where it needs to be. But how do you know which one to choose?  I’m afraid I can only offer limited help on this one.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Dave King’s website as I researched this late last year. What convinced me to go with his service was when I realized I had recently purchased his book on editing.

Dave King’s Editorial Service

This actually helps regardless of which route you take publishing, and I can’t say enough about Dave’s service.  His credentials are impressive (he coauthored the book Self Editing for Fiction Writers), and his approach is to coach as well as to edit.  I’ve learned a lot from this service, and I highly recommend it.


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