Fantasy Flash Fiction for #samplesunday The Prophet and The Last Prince

Since I’m working on a Fantasy novel now (and will be for some time), I thought I’d share this piece of flash fiction I wrote last year. I wrote it for the very first Visual Writing Prompt on Sojourner Mountain.  The image comes from an incredible painting in the Louvre.  I have no idea the title of the painting, or who painted it (sorry about that).  But this corner of the painting captured my attention, so I snapped a photo of it.  This bit of flash fiction may work its way into my WIP, SHADOWS AND BONES. I hope you enjoy it.

The Prophet and the Last Prince


Visual Writing Prompt81 Fire Over the Ice. The day begins by throwing a fire-like glow against the clouds and waters that frame these icy Alaskan mountains.  Write a poem or flash fiction where your character awakens to such a morning in this remote location.  Why is s/he there?  A decision needs to be made. Will this dawn influence it?

FYI, this picture was taken at Land’s End, in Homer, Alaska.    It’s beautiful up there.

Visual Writing Prompt 80 Weapons of Wars Gone By. Sitting along the coast of Normandy, France are these vestiges of the most devastating war fought in modern history.  These batteries could hurl tremendous firepower for miles.  Your character should have some intimate link to World War II. To make matters interesting, have an interaction between former enemies who are searching for healing (say, a French or British soldier meeting a German soldier these 65+ years after the end of the war).

Visual Writing Prompt 79 The Sylvan Gates. It seems the path and bridge your character discovered a few days ago have led you to something even more out of place in this wooded wilderness: a stone gate that leads, as far as you can see from this side of it, to nothing. This is turning out to have a fantasy flavor, but don’t be constrained if you’re feeling creative.  What does this gateway lead to?

Visual Writing Prompt 77 Bridge in the Wilderness. It’s been a long journey through largely untouched forests and wilderness.  The travel has been taxing, making your character question whether s/he/they will ever get to where they’re going.  So it is with surprise mixed with both relief and alarm that your character stumbles across not only a path, but a well maintained (albeit rustic) bridge.  Who built this, way out in the middle of no where?  Write about this discovery and the crossing.