More Sunday #writing humor, this time from Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. There are harsh critics out there.


Visual Writing Prompt 68 Well, we are in Paris. How could we not show a picture of the Eiffel Tower when so many prompts have been in France?  Rising like a golden spike out of the earth, this iconic structure has been used to symbolize the romantic, the exotic, and the adventurous.  Writing some flash fiction set around the Eiffel Tower, but make it difficult…no “conventional” romance.  Make it off beat. 

FYI: At least I knew what this was called.

Visual Writing Prompt 58 The Fountain. We’re pulled to fountains in a way similar to the way we’re pulled to campfires…except that we’re more inclined to jump into a fountain.  The point is, we’re drawn to them…they evoke memories, almost always good it seems.  Write about a character’s ruminating by a fountain.  Are the thoughts or memories positive or fearful?