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Author Profile: Kaitlin Branch
Twitter: @TheAtheleSeries
Blog site:
Book Genre: High Fantasy
Title and description: Sleight of Spirit, book 1 of the Athele Series The Athele series is a high fantasy epic with elements of magic, multiple planes, alternate universes, and a rich mythos. It is set in variable places, but centers mainly on a classic fantasy setting, also including flashes of steampunk, sci-fi, and even the earth we ourselves inhabit (or something quite similar to it).

Melissa Dolloy is a young healer, quickly rising in renown throughout the countryside. But her bright future is doused when she is possessed by a demon. Adopted by a man she hates and unable to even speak her name as any but Morgan, the former healer struggles against those who wish to own her, those who wish to love her, and worst of all, the demon that claims her soul.

Sleight of Spirit will be published in winter of 2012. Please stop by The Athele Series blog, follow, and leave a comment!

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Reading the Look At Me! Book to my son. It has eye holes so the reader has an animal mask on each page. Since my son, 16 months, loves this book, this is often our view of him.

I haven’t been reading to him nearly as much as I was 6 months ago (read him most of the original Winnie the Pooh collection, The Hobbit, Curious George, and other sundry books).  I think my son’s insistence on reading this is a hint to read other books more often to him.


First Book was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin distributing 400,000 thousand books to kids in need this week. So far, we have distributed over 1.4 million books this summer. FOX 6 News for Milwaukee did a great news piece on our distribution. Check it out!

This is awesome.  Nice job, First Book.  If you don’t follow these guys already, take a look.