And here it is, the moment I’ve been waiting for…okay, one of the moments I’ve been waiting for. I’ve now received the 99% complete proof of the cover for my novella, THE PRINCE OF GRAVES. I love it. The artist has done a lot in his past, but this was his first book cover. I think he did an awesome job. I’m going to try to convince him to open his services to other writers as well. If he agrees, I’ll post his website link under the resources tab to the left.

THE PRINCE OF GRAVES should be released at the end of the month, or early February (I’m going to be saying that a lot, sorry). 




Twelve Views – One World  // The interview

Featuring – Molly Jensen


-Please, be so kind to introduce yourself in a few short sentences.

Hello, my name is Molly and I live in the small town of Amherst, Wisconsin. I have a weakness for a good book, can’t resist sweets, and love music. I’m also very excited to be part of this project.

-When did you start taking photos?

I had pretend cameras when I was little, and then I graduated to the plastic Barbie camera when I was about 8 years old. I have many memories of my dad’s “big camera” with “the long thing that changes” (the lens) and I always wanted to just hold it. It wasn’t until a couple years ago when my dad upgraded from film to digital that I started stealing his camera and seriously feeding my photographic eye.

-Do you consider yourself a professional photographer or do you take photos just for fun?

I take photos for fun. My friend’s parents did give me some money for taking my friend’s senior pictures. (I told them not to bother.) But being paid once doesn’t make me professional.

-Speaking of photography. What’s your favorite genre or style? (Black and White, Portraits, Nature, …)

This is tough. I like black and white because it gives the photo a very crisp look. I like sepia because it puts off a warm feeling. I don’t think I’m very good at portraits, but I love how much you can capture about a person in a portrait. For my own photos, I like keeping them on the natural end of the spectrum, versus over editing them.

-How did you hear about our project and why did you decide to participate?

I saw a post for TVOW before the first edition started, and I was fascinated by the idea, so I followed it. Then while reading the interviews for the second edition, I could relate to all of the photographers responses to the questions. So I finally got the nerve to contact Frank about participating in a future edition and when he responded saying I could participate, I was over-joyed.

-Do you believe in the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words”? If so, why do you believe it’s true?

I believe the expression, but I don’t believe every person has the same 1,000 words. Pictures can evoke different emotions for different people, so the 1,000 words won’t be the same if the people feel differently about a photo.

-Do you think that a person must possess talent to capture emotion and expression in a picture?

Maybe not to capture it, but finding it is where the talent comes in. Some people don’t have the patience to wait around for a baby to crack a smile or a dog to perk its ears. Some people move too fast to see the frown on their sibling’s face or the curiosity in their friend’s eye. To be able to be patient and slow down, that’s where the talent comes in.

-What do you enjoy most about photography?

The sound of the shutter. Hah. I love the sound of the shutter. That, and it has a way of relaxing me. I could come home from a stressful day of school, pick up my camera, and snap a few pictures of random objects around my house, and I would feel so much better than I had when I’d come home. It has been a great release for me this last year, and I like that at the end of the day I have something I can show people and say, “This is how I kept my sanity this year.”

 -What attracts your eye when scouting for photo subjects?

One of my friends observed that I take pictures of things that normal people take for granted. So, I suppose the little things attract my eye. For example, these pens by my computer could be a good photo. I once organized the magnets on my fridge for half an hour to get the right shot. I’ve even taken photos of my cell phone.

-Last but not least, Do you want to say something to the TVOW/photography community?

I cannot express how excited and happy I am to be part of this project. The photos that people in this project have posted have been inspiring. I’m blessed to have this opportunity to get my photography out there, and I hope people enjoy my photos as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them. 


Find Molly’s work here:



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I’ve posted something like this before, but I think it’s pretty cool.  The picture is an artistic (but functional) recreation of an ancient Egyptian Senet board…a game that dates back thousands of years.  Orbiter Arts (which consists of my brother and sister-in-law) builds these.  After they get them more or less perfected, they plan on moving to other realistic replicas of other ancient board games…the next one is from Scandinavia, I believe.  Anyway, check out the web site…it’s very cool.

Visual Writing Prompt 67 The Angry Zeus.  Lightening flashes and thunder rolls when Zeus is angry.  He points to the side indicating the object of his anger.  What has earned his displeasure?  And why is he taking this issue to your character?

FYI: Ok, I don’t remember if this is actually a statue of Zeus.  I’ve mentioned before that when I visited France I was definitely better at taking pictures than documenting what it was I was framing up.  I did a quick Google Image search and turned up almost every other statue that I photographed, but not this one.  So if you know what this statue really is names, let me know…just don’t chastise me…we’re using our creativity here.

Welcome to Sojourner Mountain!

With the start of the New Year, I thought I’d reintroduce this blog for the sake of the most recent followers.

Sojourner Mountain is still relatively new, and relatively small.  But it’s growing, and I’m excited how it’s beginning to pick up steam. This blog is first and foremost about creativity.  The most common things that you’re going to see here are photography that inspires me (or a submitter), creative writing, and resources that I find that I think can be of use to other writers. Although the primary focus is on creative writing and photography, I hope to eventually (with your help) present other art forms on here as well.

I started this blog because I knew that there was a massive online community of creativity out there, and I wanted to get to know it. I wanted to create some space where I could share my writing with other new and aspiring authors, and to see what others had to offer.

My writing background: I wrote my first novel manuscript last year.  If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you probably know that I’m editing it now, and I hope to have that completed by the end of January.  Once that is finished, I plan to devote significant time to getting it in front of an agent and eventually published.

My other writing gig is providing articles for Yahoo! News.  Because I spent over a decade in the US Air Force, I was asked to write articles on current events about “hot button” topics that deal with the military (I recently asked permission to expand my subject area to include “Homeland defense” topics).  I’ve been doing this since October, and although its not the creative writing that I ultimately want to do, I love it. 

There are a number of high quality blogs out there that focus on creative writing.  I look at them as role models. The primary difference between these other sites and Sojourner Mountain, I think, is that I want to blend inspiration here and translate it into writing or other creative expression.  So I invite you to join, and to share with your other followers who might like to come along as well.  And if you know of other creative writing sites that you’d like to share, please let me know.