Self Publishing Resources

Outskirts Press
This is one of the more well known companies.  I’ve found the website easy to navigate and the author packages pretty easy to understand. I’m not promoting it, as I haven’t used it myself.  But it’s a good place to start to get an idea of what self publishing can offer.


These guys are like Outskirts. iUniverse offers a variety of author packages, but they cost significantly more.  I’m assuming that their editorial and marketing advice is part of the reason why.

Lulu falls in between Outskirts and iUniverse, as far as prices are concerned.  I found Lulu’s website the most engaging, and I feel they’ve done a better job selling their services.  I may consider these guys if I decide on the self publishing route. 

Aside from the larger self publishing companies, there are a lot of other resources that anyone interested in self publishing should track down.  There are some tremendously useful sites and blogs that are geared towards supporting independent authors and the self publishing process.

Independent Author Network

This website is a major champion of the self published author.  Since nearly all of the marketing responsibility is on your shoulders, this is the place to go to get you some lift and support from other independent authors.  I’m still on the outside looking in until I have my book ready to go, but start mingling now with folks who are a part of this.  You won’t regret it.

Self Publishing Central

I ran across John Betcher’s blog on Twitter (a little more on that below), and I’ve found it to be one of the most helpful blogs I’ve reviewed over the past year.  He uses his experience navigating the self publishing world, and writes about it in an engaging and informative way.  More specifically, John recently published a 4-part series of articles entitled 5 Self-Publishing Tips (which, with 4 parts, makes it 20 tips).  I can’t tell you how helpful this series has been.  Anyone new to the industry who is interested in self publishing should look at this blog.


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