New and Aspiring Authors

This is where I highlight both exciting new authors who are working to finish their first novels, and established authors who are working on new books.  This is where you’ll find writers who are in the middle of transforming their creativity into a published work…something that you are probably doing, or dream of doing in the near future. Take a look and follow the authors who are writing things that interest you.  Draw inspiration from them, and contact them and offer words of encouragement.

This page will hopefully grow quickly, so please check back often. If you are a new author and would like your work in progress added, contact me through my Submit button on the left.

Non-Fiction Writers:

Twitter: @maria_basia
Web site:
Work Title: Hemingway’s Heart
WIP Description:
Non-fiction/reportage that seeks to understand the unfaltering, obsessive passionate love that the Spanish have for the corrida, or bullfighting.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: I’m at the stage that Hemingway called ‘sit down at the typewriter and cut open a vein’. I hope to have the first draft completed October 2011     

Action/Adventure Writers”

Twitter: @PavartiDevi
Work Title: Shadow on the Wall
WIP Description: “Recai Osman witnessed his parents death and later the cruelty of the “religious police.”  What happens when he starts to fight back?”
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: Started for NaNoWriMo in 2010.  Hope to have done by June 2011 and release maybe in November

Twitter: @PavartiDevi
Work Title: DEVOUR. 
WIP Description: “In a small town in North Dakota Anastasya Rubinski struggles to finish her senior year of high school, believing that there is no fate worse than being an outsider in an American small town.  Her sense of self and community is rocked as virus spreads across America, taking over the populace and turning them into something unrecognizable.” 
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: Started June 2010.  Hope to focus on when Shadow is complete.  Would love to release in Spring 2012.     

Science Fiction Writers:

Twitter: @SteveUmstead
Work Title: Gabriel’s Return
WIP Description: The second in the science fiction/thriller trilogy, which follows Commander Evan Gabriel back the scene of his disastrous past mission to confront not only the new mission, but his haunted memories.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: As of today I’m approximately 30-40% through writing, will be editing in May, with an expected ‘launch’ (self-published ebook) date of June. 

Twitter: @byoung210
Work Title: Miscorrection Series 
WIP Description: A science fiction novelette series. It follows the story of several character’s and their intersecting goals and lives within a six-planet solar system.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: I’ve been working on the series for a year. Currently I’m am finishing up the novelettes that make up Book 1. Three books of 6 novelettes each are planned for the series. All the novelettes can be bought as stand-alone stories.     

Young Adult (YA) Writers:

Twitter: @kimmydonn
Work Title: The Girl Who Haunts Me (working title)
WIP Description: A High School Ghost story. Jared’s parents died in the same car crash that killed Kim. He’s been adopted by her parents and is now tailed by her ghost. YA Supernatural.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: I’ve only been at it for 6 months. It’s been on the back burner for most of March. About half complete the first draft. 

Work Title: The Adventures of Peony Prattle Porridgeson
WIP Description: A teen fiction novel about a girl, a scientist, and alien trying to save the world they love from a band of odious villains.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: I’m in the early-mid stages of writing it, but I have the entire plot planned out. I hope to finish it by the end of August 2011, before my first year of college!            

Work Title: Willing
WIP Description: A Young Adult fiction novel that follows the grieving and healing process of one girl after the tragic loss of her older sister to suicide.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: I have been working on this for around 5 months now. I started it back in December 2010. As for an estimated completion time. I’m going to give myself some leeway and say Summer 2010 — hopefully!     

Literary Fiction Writers:

Twitter: @alhaddadin
Work Title: Coded Sources 
WIP Description: Two interweaving stories follow Sonny Benrachid, an Adderall-addicted undergraduate researching a mysterious glass artist with a (literal) cult following, and Elisha Molyneaux, a terminal cancer patient who plots a final act of revenge on the civilization which he believes to be the cause his disease.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: Currently writing my first draft after about two years of planning. I hope to have a complete ms by the end of 2012. 

Work Title: Trouble With Phaedra
WIP Description: Psychological spooky witch meets “Skins”-esque characters in a tightly wrapped ‘what-the-fuck?’ series of events.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: Working on it since the summer, though the idea’s been festering for a few months! I want to take a little break and re-approach it in a few weeks with a fresh mind, so hopefully be done by Sept.     

Urban Fantasy Writers:

Work Title: Epicenter: Book One of the Hellwalker Chronicles.
WIP Description: An urban fantasty novella about a guy who is half demon, that has to come to terms with who he is and chose sides in an oncoming war.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: Draft one is at the 50% done mark. I’ve been working on it for a few years. I hope to have it finished and ebooked by the fall.     

Mystery Writers:

Work Title: The Yellow Ribbon. 
WIP Description: A small town mystery novel about teenage rebellion, sexuality, suicide and acceptance. Two friends spend their summer uncovering secrets about a death of a close friend and what else that seemed to have died with her.
How long you’ve worked on it, and when you expect to finish: I started about a month ago, this will hopefully be done in two years. I hope to have the final in Three and a half.


2 thoughts on “New and Aspiring Authors

  1. Hi, I found a profile that you did of CP BiaLois and it was great, along with his guest post. I am embarking on a blog tour of my own and have 4 spots left to fill there. Might you be interested in helping a newbie along with a profile, guest blog or the like on your blog during my tour? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey, I am so sorry that I mussed your message. I am on a sort of hiatus from my sites while I work on my graduate degree. When I do get the time to blog, it’s on my author page. Sojourner Mountain will return, but it’ll be a while. I’m sure that I missed your blog tour, but if I can help you in any way in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. Again, sorry for the miss. Best of luck!

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