New Author Snapshot! Check out Scars by Melissa Gutierrez 

Author Profile: Melissa Gutierrez 
Twitter: @ readerwriter83
Blog site:
Any other site you’d like to highlight (like Facebook): Goodreads
Amazon author page:
Book Genre: Thriller
Title and description: Scars (Victory Series)

Bianca Laughlin was an average college student when she was recruited for the US government’s most secretive counterterrorist agency. Now, eight years later, she is finally able to integrate back into civilian life. Moving back to her hometown with her assistant, Michael Kent, at her side seems easy enough. But when her romantic life is forced to the side by her ever demanding job, Bianca is forced to make the toughest choice of her life.

Melissa’s book has just recently been released, and she’s expecting the printed version any day now. Please show this new novelist support and visit her blog (DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT) and check out Scars. I’ll be adding it to my “To read” list on Good Reads soon.

You can view this profile and other Author Snapshots at the New Authors link on the left of the Sojourner Mountain page. If you’d like to be featured with an Author Snapshot, just send me a message through the Submit button. I’d love to feature you!


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