For this week’s Sample Sunday I thought I’d share another piece of my WIP THE PRINCE OF GRAVES.  It’s a fantasy novella that is a prelude to my other fantasy WIP SHADOWS AND BONES. Although the below is a draft, I’d love to hear feedback, good or bad.  I hope you enjoy.


Frey was aware of the sound of a roaring wind.  Not just the sound, but he felt it upon his skin, which although cold, was far warmer than the inside of his body. He felt frozen, colder than the waste land he had fought in. With a start he opened his eyes.

He lay upon a bare patch of rock that lay in the midst of a great river, the shores of which were so far removed on both sides of him that he could barely make them out as darker borders to the inky, frothing waters.  The water was black and powerful, racing by at great speed toward a terrible precipice so wide that the ends could not be seen. The sky above was pitch, as was the sky beyond the falls.  Frey could not tell how he was able to even see the landscape around him, as there was no moon or sun or stars.

He was not alone. Quickly he stood, and turning away from the mad, frothing waters he faced a dark cowled form.  The robe was brown, but about the waist was a silver belt.

“Is this the land of the dead?”

Continued on The Weathered Journal


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