For #SampleSunday, an except from my #fantasy novella THE PRINCE OF GRAVES

This is still draft material, so will likely undergo an overhaul before it hits the virtual shelves (still planned for November).  I really hope to look for beta readers toward the end of October. 

THE PRINCE OF GRAVES, which is a prelude to my other work in progress SHADOWS AND BONES, details the culmination of three years of war between the kingdom of Valeot, the last of the Remnant Kingdoms that rose in the wake of the fall of the ancient kingdom of Maledine over 1000 years before the novella takes place, and the Necromancer Kingdoms.  The primary characters are the sons of the king, four princes who lead the armies of the kingdom in what has shaped up to be the final effort of their enemies to conquer them.  The aftermath of this conflict sets the stage for SHADOWS AND BONES, so although it won’t be necessary to read PRINCE before SHADOWS, it will introduce the reader to the world, the mythology, and some of the characters that play roles in the coming novel.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the sample.



When the devils rise and the living wail

The dead reach out, cold and pale

The days of men shall falter and fail

Entombed forever beyond the veil


No hope, no rest, no power to save

The wicked day dawns as the noble day wanes

The light and life of the kingdom fades
    When all kneel down to the Prince of Graves

Continued on The Weathered Journal


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