Today’s #WW Author Snapshot is @Blue_Waters (Elena Dorothy Bowman) #writing

Author Profile: Elena Dorothy Bowman
Twitter: @Blue_Waters
Blog site:
Any other site you’d like to highlight (like Facebook): and
Work in Progress: Historical Fiction
Title and description: Catherine’s Ring. In a small fictional town in the northeast corner of Massachusetts a mysterious package from out of the past had the residents buzzing. The original recipient had long since passed, and the sender of the package had died at sea in a tragedy that stunned the world. Where had this package been all these years, and why, even if it was postmarked the year it was sent, was it never delivered? When the present day recipient received the mysterious package, he wondered if he opened it, would he be opening a Pandora’s Box. But, neither he nor his wife were aware that his thoughts would ring true, or the strange events and entities that would envelop his family and the family of the original sender.
When do you plan on finishing this work? Published August, 2011

Elena is a well established author who has written in a number of genres.  Catherine’s Ring comes across as an intriguing mystery. Take a moment to visit her blog and say hi.  Also please support Elena, and the Snapshot authors by following them on Twitter and dropping off a note on their blog or author page! You can view this profile and other Author Snapshots at the New Authors link on the left of the Sojourner Mountain page.

If you’d like to be featured with an Author Snapshot, just send me a message through the Submit button. I’d love to feature you!


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