Of Swords and Dragons and Beta Software

I’ve been sketching out and pulling together background notes on my next novel,SHADOWS AND BONES. It’s something I’m very excited about – a fantasy novel that I’ve had lurking in my mind for years. I hope to start posting excerpts some time over the next month or two, but right now everything is still far too raw.  So for now I’m rotating between writing character sketches, histories, and plot points so that I can start the actual story writing in earnest.

I mentioned in my last post (now over two weeks old) that the real world and the time I was investing in looking for a literary agent for my first novel CHASING AFTER VANITY were consuming most of my time, so I don’t quite have the momentum on SHADOWS that I would like, but I’m happy to finally be making progress. But something I’m constantly confronted with is getting deep into my writing one day, and then being pulled away for various unavoidable reasons for several days. When I return, the writing has cooled a bit, and sometimes I wonder where I need to re-start.  That leads me to my new toy, Scrivener for Windows.

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