A nice piece of flash fiction by ramblingfellowship in response to Visual Writing Prompt 72 Secret Garden. Nestled inside of urban sprawl is this tiny oasis of calm.  Although most people could stand to partake of this garden’s serenity, most don’t know about it, leaving it to the lucky few who have stumbled across it.  Write about someone who stumbles across this secret place, and their response to suddenly stepping away from the manic world.:


This was the only place he felt safe and human anymore. Here, in his own personal oasis, could escape away from the screeching noises, the chemical smells and fake existence of the concrete urban landscape that was his prison. Nestled against the bows of ageing trees, with grass and dirt beneath his bare feet, he felt peace and tranquility. This was his secret, his paradise and his release from the torment of daily life. 

At night he would sit under those tree’s with his naked feet dipped into the clear, cool water of the stream, and just listen. If he tried hard enough, concentrating all his thought, the bustling sounds of the city would fade away to be replaced with Nature’s own song. Looking upwards he could peel away the light pollution poisoning the sky and see clearly the expanse of the stars and their mighty wonder, and the infinities of the universe. 


Thank you for your submission!


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