Draft finished…check. Edits complete…check. Now what?

Just over a year after starting the rough draft, my first novel manuscript is – for all intents and purposes – complete.  Chasing After Vanity, a Crime-Humor-Thriller is one small step closer to publication. I can now say that this is even more exciting than having finished the first draft, which at the time was truly the high point of my budding literary career.

Please…I’m having a moment with my first completed manuscript.

So…now what?

I’ve decided that I owe it to myself to explore the traditional publishing model first.  As funny as it sounds, I’m looking forward to the next few months of looking for an agent, getting rejected, looking some more, etc.  Then, if I’m fortunate enough to get representation, of starting the laborious process of finding a willing publisher.  I look at it almost as a right of passage for the aspiring author.

Continued on The Weathered Journal.


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