Who Cares What You Write? Only One Way to Find Out (Finding Your Voice, Part 2)

Two decades ago I found myself walking around the campus of Goucher College, located in Towson, MD.  I was a freshman, and I had two lofty goals at the time: become President of the United States before age 40, and write a novel. Sadly, with my 40th birthday coming up all too quickly I have to admit that I probably won’t be elected President in the next election.

It’s a good thing Tolkien didn’t wait to visit the Misty Mountains before writing about them

I’m much closer to my second goal. Although I still have some significant hurdles before me (finding an agent, for instance), I will have finished – at least for now – editing my first novel within the next couple of weeks and I’ll be free to work on my query letter.  But still…20 years?  What the heck happened? What took so long?  At least with the President thing I was prevented from being elected because the Constitution says that I had to be at least 35. I had no choice but to wait a decade and a half before trying.  Oh, and I may have been born in Kenya…looking for my birth certificate now to make sure.

Article continued at The Weathered Journal.


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