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Wow…the coolest pic of the Space Shuttle I think I’ve ever seen.  I know this is a writing inspiration site, so consider this a scifi writing prompt.

Visual Writing Prompt 60 The Grand Old American House.  While perhaps a merging of two kinds of architecture, this house suggests a distinctly American style…perhaps colonial and antebellum.  Regardless of the architecture style, this building is certainly grand, likely home to wealth and power. What goes on within the walls?  Or what is happening right outside, to the people not allowed within?

FYI, this is actually a museum, part of a series of connected buildings that were each built using radically different architecture styles.  It’s located in Chattanooga, TN.


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Bridges, a Tale of Niagra by dk LeVick.

Visual Writing Prompt 59 The Ominous Stone God. Jumping from mythology this trident wielding god of old stands below a dark and foreboding sky. Write a story with this statue as either a backdrop, a protagonist, or an antagonist. 

FYI, this is a statue perched on a bridge over the Seine in Paris.  It is to my shame that I do not remember which bridge, and I certainly do not remember the name of the statue. I assume it has something to do with Poseidon, simply because there aren’t too many ancient mythological figures running around with tridents.