Stop That Bandwagon! I want to get on! Obligatory eReader Article

I’ll start this in the defensive manner of many fellow readers who have come to terms with this and are now discussing it with other purists who may not have: I love my books.  I love my personal library.  I love perusing the shelves in my home office and pulling a favorite book from it. Just the other day I was taking a picture of my leather bound The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books for an article, and I loved the experience of going through them, looking up a favorite part, feeling them.  I can’t imagine not having this.

But I have to admit…I love e-readers. I am the proud owner of a Nook, and I can’t imagine a reading life without it. I’ve had it now for a couple of months, and although it certainly hasn’t replaced my love of bound books, the simple fact is that simply by having one of these readers has allowed me increase the amount of reading I can do because my books are instantly accessible. 


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