Burning the Midnight Oil…A Question for Writers (UPDATED)

If I were a gambling man, I’d be willing to wager significant money that many if not most aspiring or newly minted authors are in the same boat I’m in: I work a full time job that I wish required only 40 hour per week. When I get off of work, I try to spend real, quality family time with my wife and son (I truly hope you aren’t overly sacrificing time with your spouse, children, or significant other). When the day job is over and the family has been put to bed, I find that I have precious little of the day left over in which to write.  Inevitably I’m forced to withdraw from my already paltry sleep account in order to pay for the time to write, which leads to some brutal working conditions later in the week.

In fact, I finished this article during my lunch break.  Last night I was up until midnight editing my manuscript.  I have a list of writing projects that includes articles for Yahoo! and short stories that I try and work on when I decide I need a break from editing. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?  What drives us?

See the rest of the article HERE


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