Like most aspiring authors, I’m enamored with the idea of getting my cherished first novel picked up by a major publisher and seeing it on the shelves of Barnes and Nobel (I’d have said Borders too, but…you know).  But the obstacles standing between the never-published author and the big time are legendary, and the odds of making it from concept to the shelves are discouraging to say the least. Which is why self-publishing is such an attractive alternative. Early on after deciding to devote myself to becoming an author I started exploring this option.  And while I’ve learned a lot, what makes self-publishing especially appealing of late is the many talented, passionate writers I’ve met that have used this to get their books out.  True, there is an undeniable credibility that comes with traditional publishing, and I seriously doubt that there is a self published author out that wouldn’t leap at the chance to ascend into the ranks of Harper Collins or Random House.  But self publishing has its definite advantages, and with the eBook market expanding at a dizzying rate, this option is becoming increasingly alluring to me.  So while there seem to be purists of both methods, I would hazard the guess that most who aspire towards publication are working towards both options. And in the course of sifting through the various tools to help me get to the grand prize, I’ve unearthed some pretty cool tools that can help regardless of how you might decide to finally commit. (Follow link for the rest of the article.  The site is my new personal author’s page).

A Beginner’s Guide to Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing Resources


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