Published your book? Almost ready to publish?  What next?

First things first: celebrate. Whether you’ve managed to get your book through the herculean ordeal that is the journey to traditional publishing, or you’ve decided to go through the increasingly exciting self-publishing route, you’re now a published author.  Congratulations are in order!

But after the celebrations, then what?  You have to sell your book.  Regardless of the publication method you’ve taken, you are still your biggest cheerleader and salesperson.  So at some point, particularly as a newly emerging author, you’re going to have to sell your book.  Time to prepare for book reviews, interviews…you may even create a book trailer (I’ve only recently heard of these movie-live video trailers being used for books. But I now see it more and more, and some are surprisingly sophisticated). You’ll need to figure out how and where to devote your time.  Where do you begin?

Here’s a suggestion: take a look at Novel Publicity (  What is that?  Put simply, it’s a tool that will make life selling your book a lot easier.  (Disclaimer: I’m excited to be a consultant for this company, so I’m going to be saying a lot of nice things about it.) Novel Publicity is a new endeavor made up of writers and multi-media consultants who, under the energetic leadership of Emlyn Chand, are ready to help writers leverage the power of social media and emerging publicity tools such as the book trailer. By crafting a careful package of book reviews, twitterviews, blog tours, and strategies unleashing the power of Facebook and Twitter, Novel Publicity seeks to propel your work, and your name, to a new level of recognition and publicity.  

It’s ok if you haven’t actually finished your book, by the way.  Novel Publicity also offers services (such as line editing and pre-publication advice) for writers who are still working towards publication.  I encourage you to check out the client testimonials (

So take a look…there’s plenty of free resources to make it worth your while.  Since March 1 was the official kick-off for the company, there are a ton of free giveaways (including a chance at a free book trailer). You may just find that the services offered there are just what you’ve been looking for.



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