Read our twitterview with literary blogger @queenbeetf – then sign up to have your work featured in our series

Today’s twitterviewee was @queenbeetf.  She hosts the literary blog “Keystrokes and Wordcounts, and is an aspiring YA writer. Read more about her and then sign up to have your book or literary blog featured in our twitterview series.

I conduct twitterviews with bloggers on Tuesdays and with authors on Thursdays. My collaborator, William, conducts twitterviews on Sundays with either bloggers or authors. All twitterviews take place at 4 PM EST using the hashtag #emlyn—anyone who is interested can jump in on the conversation by searching “#emlyn” on Twitter. 

The twitterview format is simple:  We ask the same first five questions to everyone.  The next five questions are designed exclusively for that day’s twitterviewee.  The five after that are randomly selected from our question bank.  The final five questions come from the twitterview audience members.

Twitterviewing Rules…
1. Join the fun by entering the search term “#emlyn” on Twitter.
2. Limit your questions and your answers to one tweet only
3. Audience members should save their questions until the end

To learn more about how twitterviews work, see who we’ll be twitterviewing next, or to submit a request to be twitterviewed go here:

And now, without further ado, here is our twitterview with @queenbeetf:

Our next twitterview will be Tuesday (Feb 8) at 4 PM EST with book blogger JM Kelly (@jm_kelly). Her blog is “The Dirt Blog,” learn more about here.


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