Submission for Visual Writing Prompt 8 (by Apple Ardent Scott – The Apple’s Eye).

I posted this earlier today, but without the Visual Prompt.  This is to fix that.  Enjoy! And thank you again for the submission!

What Love Does

The boats in the harbor propped themselves up in the choppy tide and pointed their naked masts to the sky. Their anchors held them fast and they drifted in small circles like gears in a water machine, each one passing the other in graceful arcs. The lapping, sucking, liquid sounds were accompanied by the deep tap-tapping of hulls tightly moored to their berths while a lone flag flapped in staccato rhythm; a marine symphony composed and conducted by the wind. The tinkling sounds of children’s laughter wafted out over the water from somewhere on the shore and a small dog yipped in the distance. On a day like this, breathing came easy and the only currency that counted was the exchange of smiles from face to face.

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