Visual Writing Prompt #3

As gates go, this one looks pretty serious.  What’s behind such an ornate barrier? (It’s actually a gate to Buckingham Palace, but that need not come into your writing). 

I built a gate with my inheritance. Well, not just a gate but a fence as well. The fence is very important: I mean, what point is there of a gate when people can just walk around it? So I built the gate, and the fence. 

There are very few people in the world that I wish to interact with, many of them are dead, hence the reason of the inheritance. The select others have built small cottages or large mansions on my property, with my money of course. And in this meadow, we lounge, we read and we make merriness. 

Occasionally, say once every few months, we will venture from my pearly gates and into the neighborhood. We will gather the few supplies that we cannot produce, drink hot chocolate at the local tea shop (with our pinkies out, of course) and splurge on books, pens and paper. 

There are whispers around the community that I am too young to be a hermit. She’s only 21 they say. But I disagree, obviously. I think, that if I live like this now and then later wish to partake in the socialization that society has to offer, than later I will join it and die among my peers. 

However, if I choose not to, than I will have always lived the life I wanted and die among those that are loyal to me. 

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