Coming soon! Book reviews!

Sojourner Mountain is teaming up with Ambiguous Ambigue again.  As previously mentioned, starting next week I’ll be helping to host the popular writer and blogger Twitterviews.  I’m pretty excited about that, but now there’s even more.

Also beginning next week, this blog will be working with Emlyn Chand’s Ambiguous Ambigue to bring you book reviews from some of the newest exciting authors out there. I am really excited about this.  This is an opportunity to highlight the work of people who have just recently gone through what I (and I know a lot of you, too) are hoping to do…publish a book.  Even better, many of the authors will also be Twitterviewed by us, which means we get to learn even more about their creative journeys. 

I’m currently reading Noria, by McCollonough Ceili.  It’s a fascinating series of true stories by an energetic, insightful author. There will be a new link (Book Reviews) off of the Sojourner Mountain page soon, so keep an eye out for it!


Twiterviews…a chance to meet other writers, and to promote your own writing!

I’ve mentioned this a few times now, but here’s the schedule of Twitterviews for Feb.  What’s a Twitterview?  It’s an interview with a new or aspiring writer, or a creative writing blogger, conducted over Twitter.  These were initially kicked off by Emlyn Chand, who runs the Ambiguous Ambigue website, and they’ve been getting increasingly popular.  In fact, the Twitterviews were getting so popular that Emlyn asked me to help, so now they’re being conducted three times per week!

Here’s the really cool part.  If you are an author (published or aspiring), or a blogger, and you want to get in on this publicity tool (and make some new writing friends), all you have to do is sign up.  Follow the link below, and all you need to know about it is right there.

Hope to see you there!

F is for Friday…


That’s when we share our reads! 

(This post inspired by Cookie Monster.)

Reblog and add a line about what you’re reading this week. Ten lucky participants will win free copies of The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.

 Noria, by McCollonough Ceili