Utah Beach, Normandy, France

I visited Normandy in late May 2000, about two weeks from the actual anniversary of D-Day.  The advantage of this (completely unplanned) was that I got to see the beaches under roughly the same conditions as the Allies did when they stormed ashore without the crush of other tourists.  My timing was also “fortunate”, in that I arrived at Utah Beach as the tide went out.  When U.S. troops hit this, if I recall correctly, they were delayed, and so found themselves with the tide at a similar point,  What this meant was having to debark their craft early, and to cross the expanse that I photographed above under withering enemy fire.  This is one of those points in my trip that I became choked up, trying to imagine what those soldiers went through.  The courage and heroism displayed that day on those beaches are unfathomable.


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