Port of Brindisi, Italy.  Taken with a Pentax K-1000.


Glacier off the coast of Alaska.  I had to stitch two pictures together for this image, because I was using a pretty simple digital camera at the time with no wide angle capability. The cloud cover and muted colors hide the stitching imperfections pretty well.


Today, we remember Leslie Nielsen. Here he is, in a 1993 interview on Fresh Air, talking about the film that catapulted him into comedy: “When I read the [Airplane!] script I knew exactly what they were after. It was the greatest break of my life, in a sense, that I ended up working with people who spotted me for being the closet comedian that I was.”

 We’ll miss you Leslie. 

The tree is up.  I’ve got at least two ideas for Christmas-related short stories. Now if only I could make the time to write them.

Oh, and thanks to This Canmore Life for the photo inspiration.  She posted a close up of holiday decorations not long ago.  When I was taking pictures of my family’s tree, I remembered that photo, and decided to follow the example.  So thank you!

Question about this TSA uproar

I’m posting this question on this blog because my political blog doesn’t have as many followers…please forgive me….

Full body scans or pat downs. The choices are lousy. I heard one guy on NPR say “We’re not criminals, but they’re treating us like it.” I couldn’t agree more. TSA should only use the body scans and pat downs on terrorists.

Seriously, I know it’s drastic, but I really would like to hear some alternatives. You can’t use the whole “TSA has never caught a terrorist using these methods” argument because now you’re trying to prove a negative. It’s like saying locking the doors to your house hasn’t stopped a break in because you never observed a thief run from your door in frustration. Terrorists use whatever opportunities are in front of them. If security at a gate is light, they’ll use that. If it’s tight, they have to come up with more difficult, and therefore riskier ways to do what they want to do.

Am I crazy here? This is honestly not meant to generate a on Sojourner Mountain…that’s not why this blog exists. I’d like to write an article about this for AC, or maybe Yahoo! if I can pitch it right (my niche on Yahoo! is supposed to be military-related issues. I might suggest this as a security-related topic). For those of you that are opposed to TSA’s methods, what are some alternatives?

Never posted a question either, so I hope I did it correctly.