Fall comes late in the South. Taken at a small city park in Millbrook, AL (just north of Montgomery).


Obey my dog!

I don’t really have any good Halloween photos…the best I have is this eye reflection from my dog.  It changed my sweet dumb pup into Hypno-Dog.

Happy Halloween

Hi there…Yes, those are all my pictures. (Couldn't figure out a way to answer your question other than this way…Tumblr-challenged perhaps.) I love what I've seen here so far. Can't wait to dig in some more. Well done.

Thanks so much.  I’m an amateur by most standards.  I’m pretty new to Tumblr, and am challenged myself on some of the navigation…I just submitted an “ask” on your blog because I was so impressed with your pictures.  You have a gift.

“Judgement” (Paris, France 2000)

I call this “Judgement” for two reasons: 1) I didn’t think to learn the real name of this incredible sculpture when I took the picture, 2) I think it sounds cool.  The clouds on this day in late May provided an ominous atmosphere for this angel.